The Sky Choice Band is an originals driven group from the foothills of Colorado. Influenced by The Dave Matthews Band, The Lumineers, and Larkin Poe, their music weaves in and out of rock, pop, and folk. With songs that range from relatable humor to devastating heartbreak and back into optimistic love again, the band's dynamic tone and subject matter run the gamut. The Sky Choice Band continues to hone their skills as musicians as they perform around the Greater Denver Area and beyond. 

Sky Choice

Instruments: Guitar- rhythm & lead, Vocals- lead & harmonies, Bass, Ukulele

Sky Choice is a contemporary singer/songwriter with roots in Folk, Pop, Rock, and Blues. The multi-instrumentalist has performed on several tours, including a year-long expedition across the United States and Canada. With its humor, imagery, and lyrical complexity, Choice’s songwriting challenges modern music’s failings in depth and authenticity. Acoustic By Choice as a solo musician and the front man of The Sky Choice Band, Choice enjoys the variety of arrangements each song can yield. An EP and two albums down, Sky Choice looks forward to many more recordings, shows, and tours as his musical career unfolds.

Zach Hueser

Instruments: Percussion- acoustic kit and synth pads, Vocals- harmonies

Zach Hueser is the drummer, percussionist, and one of the backing vocalists of the Sky Choice Band.  Between dancing around to the beats of his Olympus keyboard at the age of six to playing drums onstage in his twenties, Zach has always had musical flavor in his life. This fervent passion for music has lead Zach deep into the Denver music scene, where he has worked day in and day out to support, participate, and engage in the community. He currently works as a graphic designer for other musicians, artists, and tastemakers in the Denver scene, but also wants to join the music community along with the Sky Choice Band in a way that he hasn't yet - as a musician. He is determined and ready for the adventures he and the Sky Choice Band are bound to encounter, and is hopeful that he can help Sky and Chris take their musical passions to new heights. 

Chris Stock

Instruments: Guitar- rhythm & lead, Bass, Vocals- lead & harmonies, Keyboards, Percussion.

As a child of the 60s, I've always strived to listen to music! In my teens my playground was southern rock, jam bands, and what ever was playing on the radio. In my mid 20s I found that listening to music wasn't enough, and i was convinced that it was never too late to learn - so I picked up a guitar and taught myself to play. My desire grew to seek out casual jams, bands, and other musicians to play with and learn from. Somewhere along the way I became a true fan of the music scene! I always put my heart and soul into my multi-instrumental abilities. I always add a tasty caveat to every tune I play on. My jamming motto is "creating music is greater than playing music".