Sky Choice

If the stories we tell shape how we see the world, Sky Choice tells us the world is full of hope and heartbreak, beautiful through and through. A multi-instrumental singer/songwriter, Choice has released two EPs and three albums of stories told through song. Humor, extended metaphor, and lyrical wordplay make Sky’s music shine. Born and raised in Colorado, the traditions of folk and acoustic pop still resonate through his music. Choice’s latest release Alchemy (2020) is a multifaceted introspection through the lenses of astrology and alchemical change. You can listen to Alchemy on Spotify, AppleMusic, AmazonMusic, or wherever most music is virtually heard.

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"The Neutral Ground is a third place. A place to gather together and hear music, to converse, and to drink coffee. A place for musicians to hone their craft, or to return home. It’s a community space, part gallery, part stage: all-inclusive, and for all-ages." Neutral Ground Coffeehouse

Don't miss this 3-in-1 concert featuring Rayshaughn Armant, Baker, and Sky Choice.



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