The Perk Downtown and the E. J. Lynch Workshop

Hey folks!

Happy Monday! I hope your weekend was as lovely as mine! Friday night was the gig at The Perk Downtown in Colorado Springs. I had seen Nolan G. Smith play there about a month prior and ADORE the space. The down stairs is set up as a cozy area to sit and watch the passers-by. Upstairs, the tables and chairs are arranged for study/socializing. It is also upstairs where they hold performances. There was a steady stream of traffic throughout the evening, full of strangers and even a few beloved and familiar ones. It was one of the better performances I've had recently- not perfect by any means, but I was very pleased with the evening overall. I premiered my newest song "Dear Rose Maria" while I was there. You can get a listen to it under the Video tab.

Afterwards, I made my way south to Pueblo to spend the weekend with some friends. While there, I had the pleasure to play some of the guitars by E. J. Lynch. The passion this man has for his work is evident in the incredible sound of each guitar. Not only that, but his workshop is also beautiful. (I might be biased). You can view and listen to some of his work here. A friend and I also had the opportunity to explore Westcliffe, CO. Just outside of town is The Beckwith Ranch, a property on the National Register of Historic Places. While the doors were closed to visitors when we were there, the outside was still very impressive. I look forward to going back when the doors are open to the public. 

The rest of the week consisted of a job interview (which went very well), personal practice, and also some band practice. We're still looking for bassists, so let us know if you're interested!

Take care folks. There's a few gigs on the horizon and lots more just beyond. Stay Choosy!


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