Starting Bands- Musicians Needed

Hi folks! Happy Sunday!

It's official- I'm living in Denver now! Well, Littleton actually, but it's closer to Denver than Alamosa (don't worry Alamosans, I will visit frequently). 

Part of this week was spent hunting for open mics. And I found one! It's a really cool one, too. It's at Declaration Brewing on Thursdays. This week it was run by The Dollhouse Thieves. They even jammed out with me when it was my turn to play! It was a TON of fun. You might just see me there next week!

BIG NEWS- I'm starting a band! Two bands, actually. Band one is for the music I've been playing solo all these years. I still plan on doing solo shows, but I want to get involved with other musicians and collaborate more. It's time. Band two is a blues band! I was in a blues band in college and really miss it- so I'm starting one here! Currently, we've a drummer and an electric guitarist for both. We're seeking a bass player for the Sky Choice music an a front woman for the blues band. If you'd be interested in either, let me know! 

New video going up tonight, be sure to check back tomorrow to see what it is (I haven't even decided yet)!

Stay Choosy, folks. I hope to see you in Colorado Springs next weekend at The Perk Downtown. 


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