Relatively Uneventful?

The last few weeks have been relatively uneventful in the musical sphere of things. I've been doing a lot of practice on the bass uke and violin lately. The bass uke is mostly for the blues band. We've set up a place to audition vocalists HERE. As for the violin, I've been working on a few tunes  with my friend Sarah Mae Knight. She and I have played several shows together and we're working on building more in the near future.  


While there hasn't been a lot of song writing, I have been working on this poem. Not sure this is a finalized version, but here's what I've got so far.

"We come from fundamentally different sides across the aisle, in metaphor and philosophy. But in darkness, between sheets, closed eyes have cold sweat dreams and we all wake to the same goosebumps and gasping, the same sit up straight panting, sigh out loud, lay back down, thank my higher power I was dreaming. Then we lie awake because our night terrors are day walking. There's this reoccurring one where I didn't hear you, but the big cheeto did. He pandered to your problems, promised falsely, proved that hope alone is hollow when his tiny hands have touched it. Tainted still I dream you followed. Now your deaf ears I can't borrow. Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow I will have this dream. When we were children and you scraped your knee my mother did not hesitate to help you. Now a band-aid and antibiotic ointment are far from chemo, inhalers, epi-pens, counseling, and specialist appointments, but doesn't everyone deserve to be healthy? If this is the home of the brave, have the courage to stand for your constituents, not holed up in your office avoiding town halls and press conferences. If this is the land of the free, break from party ties and do what you must known is right. Our star spangled banner can only wave higher if we stop red-rovering favors and take care of one another. You may have promised to repeal, but that was a secondary deal after you swore an oath into office. You are our representatives, our voice in the Congress. We voted you in to make the best decisions for us, but when we're screaming "please, don't do this" how can you act like there's silence? Yes, there are problems in our current healthcare system. So why not fix spark plugs instead of bending pistons? Engines last if you take care of them, and so do voters, Congressman. Be assured if you go forward or repeal just to "win," we the people will remember when elections begin again. So what'll it be- this reoccurring nightmare or The American Dream?"

Stay Choosy, folks. New video up under the Video tab.



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