This past weekend I had the pleasure of house sitting for some friends in Jaroso, CO. They live right downtown alongside the other half a dozen houses and post office that make up the down town. The surrounding landscape is either farmland or open space yet unclaimed by man-made structures. A single sizable mountain peak stands above the valley and gorge below. In this town, in this house, I met Howard. Howard was a piano, rumored to have retired from his days at a Brothel in the mountain town of Creede. True or not, this idea fascinated me, and Howard let my imagination run free with the tales a piano might have told if he had lips to tell them. While it took three days of convincing, Howard eventually admitted a few details of his employment at the specialty establishment in Creede. The resulting song was a portrait of life there. At least, as much as my imagination could paint one. 

It felt nice to play piano again after not having done so for so long. By some stroke of luck, a friend of a friend was giving away a keyboard and I was able to accept the offer! I didn't realize how much I missed just messing around on the keys, juts for fun. I'm looking forward to a new instrument to write with as well.

Got a few gigs coming up and working on a few more, just check out the Shows tab for more info.

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