Giving Thanks

Thanksgiving- a time of reflection and gratitude for the people, places, things, and experiences we hold dear. For me, that naturally includes music, instruments, venues, musicians, songwriters, friends and family. Thank you for inspiring me to make music, to challenge myself to make better music, and for listening to me as a musician and a human. I have a bad habit of compartmentalizing the different aspects of my life when really it's all just one thing that happens in different parts- sorta like a meal (yeah, I'm about to make a Thanksgiving dinner metaphor. I know, I know. I won't do it every year. Probably. Maybe.) There's all these different things on your plate- your job is the bread and butter, the money maker; your work is your art, the stuffing you could eat and never get enough of; your family is the turkey/ham/main course, the foundation of the meal (p.s. family is more than blood relatives); your friends are the green bean casserole, pure comfort food; your moments of peace and quite are the white wine, a shared toast to a moment alone; and last but not least, the ways we blow off steam are the pie (sometimes literally. Although sometimes that's the wine too... Anyway.)

Now that I've stretched the metaphor too thin, let me get back to what I was trying to say- Thank You. To the fair weather friends and the umbrella anchors; to the ones who opened doors for me and the ones who help me keep some shut; to the ones still reading and the ones who have long closed this tab in their browser to return to their other screen needs. Thank You. By six degrees of separation or less you have impacted me, in obvious hail dents to micro fractures in my bones. Thank You. 

Happy Thanksgiving


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