Arvada, Lamar, and The Future

Hey folks!

The last few weeks I've had the amazing opportunities to play in Arvada and Lamar. In Arvada, I backed up Sarah Mae Knight on bass uke and harmonies. We were able to make a sweet arrangement of "Feel It Still" by Portugal. The Man a few days before the show and it ROCKED! You can watch it under the Video tab. In Lamar, the crowd was very appreciative. I played to almost all new faces and I can't wait to go back!

I've been doing a lot of writing lately, though it's mostly been lots of starting songs rather than finishing them. My other J.O.B. has been going well. I'm still learning something new every day there. I've been working away at "The Music Instinct" by Philip Ball in my free time. The book is an in depth look at the importance of music in everyone's lives. The writing style is entertaining while still very informative. I was loaned this book by another musician and highly recommend it to anyone curious about music (Thanks, Marc!)

Ah, the third part of this blog title, you ask? The future. I plan on booking at lest one gig a month per project as the blues band and the Sky Choice band take off (still looking for a bass player for the Sky Choice band if you know of anyone, by the way). I'm really not sure what else the future holds. But who does, right? 

Stay choosy, folks.


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