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The Big East West Tour Week 25 

The performances this week have been awesome! At Deli Works in Fort Collins I was warmly greeted by friends and strangers alike. I hadn't been back in a couple of years, but it still felt like the same cozy lunch place I remembered. After enjoying my own lunch, I made my way to Greeley for my joint show with Antonio Lopez. If you've never seen Antonio perform, you've been missing out. Antonio's performance is always passionate and well executed. His guitar skills are difficult to match, and his lyrics are simply elegant. I was nervous to share the stage at Weldworks Brewing with a performer of his caliber. The minute he jumped in with me on a song, though, the nerves lifted and the music flowed. I discovered I have a lot to learn in the realm of lead guitar work, as well as stage presence. These are things I'm going to keep in mind as I prepare for my upcoming performances.

After the show, I returned to Fort Collins, where I've spent the last few days (and will spend the next few days) with family. I've got a pop-up gig at a sorority house tomorrow at 6pm and on Tuesday I plan to be at Avogadro's Open Mic at 7pm. Then, come Wednesday, I'll jaunt over to Longmont for the show at La Vita Bella at 7p.m.

This week's "On Repeat" is the entire Hamilton Mixtape. If you've missed the Hamilton buzz, you'll want to listen to the original soundtrack to understand where the mixtape sets its roots. Hamilton: An American Musical takes place over the course of founding father Alexander Hamilton's life and his lasting influence on the building of the America we know today. Many artists take the music of Hamilton and add their own personal touches by simply covering one of the songs or using the songs as a creative diving board for an entirely new interpretation of the music. 

Stay choosy, folks. 
With love,

Home- The Big East West Tour Wk. 23+24 

After Lubbock I made my way to Albuquerque for a house show. I was able to play for a very appreciative audience and even got to jam with another musician, a percussionist who would later play with me in Santa Fe. House concerts are my favorite because I can be less "showman" and more human. I also like that there's more time to explain the stories behind the songs. At a bar, people aren't always interested in the stories. There's a new song called "Detroit Diamonds" based off of my experience in Detroit earlier this year (see the blog post about Week 11.)  I wrote it from the perspective of the thieves, and without that little tid-bit, it sounds as though I have some experience in burglary! Not exactly what you want an audience to think about you. 

After a couple days in Albuquerque I was off to Santa Fe. I visited an interactive art exhibit called Meow Wolf. My mind was blown. I was there for a couple hours, but I could have been there for a couple more and I'm still not sure I would have solved all of the mysteries. The whole experience was surreal and I can't wait to go back. 20/10 recommend, I've never experienced anything so awesome. I then had to recollect my thoughts in order to perform with my new percussionist friend at The Cowgirl. I had the joy of listening to Irene Adams before I got to play my set with my new percussionist friend. What a blast! It was after this show that I drove home to Alamosa to surprise my family. They weren't expecting me until the following week. =)

It was lovely to be home again. From Halloween to this point, I had been seeing familiar things, which helped me to feel more comfortable and less home-sick. That said, coming back to a place I know very well after months of new places every week was a relief. I had the pleasure of watching the jazz choir from my Alma Mater perform as well as catch up with old friends and former teachers. I dropped into Taos and The Adobe Bar for a performance a couple days before Thanksgiving. I felt very welcome there and had a great conversation with a gentleman at the bar before my set and then with another coupe of folks after the gig. I look forward to being back.

Since the day before Thanksgiving I've been in Denver spending time with friends and family. I had the pleasure of returning to Stella's and performing with my friend Sarah Mae Knight. Thank you again to everyone who made it out to see us. We're very thankful for your love and support. 

This week's "On Repeat" is by Josh Pyke and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra. It's called "The Summer." Having a full orchestra behind a song allows for a totally different exploration of a song than a traditional rock band can provide. You can hear some of Pyke's thoughts on the process at this video here.
There are several shows still happening in Norther Colorado before I return to Alamosa for the winter holidays, just check out the Show Schedule here.

Have a great week, folks, I hope to see you in Fort Collins, Greeley, and Longmont these next couple of weeks!
Stay choosy!

The Big East West Tour Week 22 

After my time with the Laven's I found myself in Austin. Tuesday night I met my hosts at an election results party after my show at a sweet bar called Dozen Street. Great atmosphere with super kind bartenders  and patrons alike. The results party was full of tension and excitement by both sides, but everyone was at the very least civil. I don't want this to become a political post, but here's what I will say.

The America I know and love is one of acceptance and empathy. I will not tolerate hate in any of its forms, against anyone.

I woke up late on Wednesday and was fortunate enough to do some recording. I'll be sharing the finished product with you when it's done. One of the recordings is a one take, live version of "Incredibly Single." The other is an amped up version of "Restless Soul." Thanks to Justice for the gift and hard work! You can listen to Justice's other work here.
I then headed to a park to relax for a while before my show at Cherrywood Coffeehouse. If you want to see most of the show (my phone died near the end), you can watch it here. The following night I watched Jana Pochop, Katie Lessley, and Emily Shirley perform at Patika Coffee and Wine. It was a much needed night of listening. You can watch them perform "Evergreen" by Susan Gibson here.

I've spent the last couple days in Lubbock practicing and getting ready for my last few gigs before I get back to Colorado. I can't believe how close I am!  This week's "On Repeat" is Chivalry Is Dead by Trevor Wesley. It's got  a great harmonies and a great grove too. 

Stay choosy, folks. Be safe. Be kind. <3

The Big East West Week 20 & 21 

Hello again, blog. Two weeks no see...

Louisiana was incredible. My friend at Northwestern performed very well, along with all the other folks in the opera. I even made a few new friends while I was there! New Orleans was also incredible, especially for Halloween. My sister and I had an incredible time spent reconnecting with old friends and making new ones. If you're ever in Nola, I highly recommend Neutral Grounds Coffeehouse. Not only is the coffee affordable, but the people and the community there are amazing. I had the pleasure of playing before New Holland's tour kickoff party and MAN what an incredible group of musicians (you can check out the line up here). I highly recommend New Holland if you get the chance to see him. Another good human being making good music on the road.

Houston followed my weekend in Nola. I was fortunate enough to be in front of a T.V. and with other Cubs fans when they won the World Series (Fly the W!) Unfortunately I spent the rest of time in Houston in front of a screen. I regret not getting out and exploring more. 

I got into San Antonio last night in time to see my new friends The Lavens perform. They were even kind enough to let me play a few during their break! We had a good time song swapping late into the night. Today I worked on a new waltz that only those especially choosy folks get a sneak peek at. (sign up under the "Mail Time" banner.) 

Lots of gigs later this week! I'm especially excited to get to perform on my birthday on Wednesday. I've been giving out a lot of music recommendations this week and thouht I'd start to include one in the weekly blog. So, this weeks "On Repeat" is Haze performed by Amber Run. I can't mention Amber Run without also mentioning this video they did with the London Contemporary Voices. Both totally worth your time.

Have a great week, y'all! Follow me on Instagram or Facebook for the latest.
Stay choosy,

The Big East West Week 19 

Week 19, heck yeah!

I spent most of the week in Oklahoma. I visited Wakita, where my grandfather and his brother grew up. Wakita's claim to fame is that they were featured in the 1996 film "Twister." It was also where my grandparents had their first house! While I had visited before, it was many years ago. From the looks of Main Street, there wasn't much that had changed. I spent the afternoon practicing in the gazebo across from the general store. I could see folks do double takes as they first passed my unfamiliar car, then again as they saw the Colorado plates. It made me smile. 

I also ran through Oklahoma City, though more specifically the town of Norman, home to Oklahoma University (thanks for the free Wi-Fi and debate viewing, OU.) It was in Norman I rediscovered a place very dear to my heart. In high school, I used to play at a weekly open mic. It was a small, cozy, red room with a mural of "The Creation of Adam" on the main wall. The coffee house and wine bar was simply named "Michelangelo's." It was at these open mics I had my first public performances. The community there took me under their wing and showed me love and support like I'd never experience before. I showed up one Thursday to perform and was met with a locked door and a note. They were closed. For good. 
Fast forward to present day Norman. I'm looking for an open mic to play at and a place called "Michelangelo's" pops up. What a coincidence. It was serendipity, not coincidence. The space was larger, but the walls were the same smokey fire engine red. There's was the same mural. The same menu. I was back at "Michelangelo's." The community there was different than it had been in Denver (duh- different place, different people, different culture) but it was nice to see that it still exists. I don't know about divine intervention, but I'd definitely call it a push from the universe- "keep going." 

I've spent the last few days in Dallas. I got double booked on Saturday, but I got to enjoy a wonderful group of performers from Pogue Entertainment Group. Yesterday I played at the very intimate White Rock Coffee and tonight I'm at Opening Bell once again. After Tuesday I'll be in Louisiana the rest of the week, hanging out with a friend at Northwestern State University and then gigging again in Nola. Check out the Shows tab for the latest gig info!

That's all for now, folks. I'm counting down the days to Colorado <3 
Stay choosy!

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Sky Choice @ La Vita Bella

La Vita Bella Coffee, 475 Main St. , Longmont, CO 80501

"When you walk in the front door of our coffee shop on the corner of 5th and Main in Longmont, you’ll notice two things. One – the stairs. Stairs to the basement. Underground. But do not fear – because although these stairs will take you down, physically, they lead to a great uplifting, spiritually, mentally, and energetically. Second, you’ll notice we talk a lot of nonsense. It’s our honest belief that La Vita Bella Coffeehouse should be a downtown destination that’s fun, exciting, unusual, a different experience every time you visit – yet somewhere you will be treated as an old friend, you can be truly comfortable, and you can relax into the best coffee, tea and kid-friendly organic fat-free Yoguccino in Longmont."- La Vita Bella

My kind of coffee shop :3 See you there!


Sky Choice @ Private House Concert

A Winter Solstice private house concert- yay!


Memories and Reflections- hosted by the SLV Cancer Relief Fund

 —  —

The Green Spot, 711 State Ave, Alamosa, CO

Join the Green Spot and the San Luis Valley Cancer Relief Fund to remember and reflect at this special time of year. There will be a potluck dinner with meat provided, and live music by Sky Choice. This year we celebrate ten years of the San Luis Valley Cancer Relief Fund, ten years of neighbors helping neighbors. Come out and celebrate community.